304 stainless steel Blind flanges

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Blind flanges (BL) made of stainless steel are commonly available in plate-type flat plate blind plate, figure-eight blind plate, plug-in board, and backing ring configurations. These flanges serve the purpose of isolation and cutting, similar to head, pipe cap, and welding plug. Due to their excellent sealing performance, they are used as a reliable isolation method in systems that require complete isolation.

The plate-type flat blind plate is a solid circle with a handle and is used in systems that are usually isolated. The figure-eight blind plate has a shape similar to the figure-eight, with one end being a blind plate and the other end being a throttle ring, but the diameter is the same as the pipe diameter of the pipeline, and it does not cause a throttling effect. This type of blind plate is convenient to use. When isolation is required, the blind plate end is used. When normal operation is required, the throttle ring end is used. It can also be used to fill the installation gap of the blind plate on the pipeline. Moreover, it features an obvious logo and easy identification of its installation status.

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