Solar Garden Waterproof Spike Light

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Solar garden waterproof spike light: No need wires, No need electrics, No any cost. Simple installation , Simple use. It only needs the new ,clean, sun power to charge the battery inside and work automatically. Charging at daytime! Lighting up at dusk!

The Description of Solar garden waterproof spike light:

1.Glass Lampshade refraction light soft and beautiful

2.Solar panels high photoelectric conversion efficiency

3.Metal shell resistant to deformation and corrosion

4.Ground plug insert firmly into the ground

5.Insulation jam protect battery life

The advantages of Solar garden waterproof spike light:

1.Intelligent photosensitive system, automatic charging during the day, light up automatically after dark

2.Amorphous silicon solar panels, high conversion rate, fast charging, durable

3.IP65 waterproof garde, outdoor rain and humidity, rainy days are still normal lights

4.No wiring, ground plug type installation, suitable for courtyard park and other places with soft soil

The Solar garden waterproof spike light highlight:

1.Optional spray paint color, we provide bronzer, black, silver and other product appearance.

2.The specially designed glass lampshade changes the light spots formed by the product

3.It can work for more than 10 hours with full charge

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